Welcome to Our Website

The Institute was formed 40 years ago by a group of Rangers to increase the skill, training and professionalism of the industry.

The Institute holds an Annual Seminar on the last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of July each year in Parramatta which invites speakers from government departments and other experts in various fields relevant to the industry.

Throughout the year The Institute holds Regional Seminars/Meetings in Country regions to keep members up to date with changes to legislation also the regional meetings.

To assist the Institute to operate it is highly recommended that Local Government Compliance Officers who wish to be a part of this training become members.

The membership fee helps cover the costs of organising training and seminars, publishing training materials, and to cover other costs associated with running the Institute. 

Co-ordinators and training officers of the Institute are volunteers and receive no financial benefit from their commitment to the Institute.

The Institute has over the years been involved in assisting government departments in resolving issues relating to enforcement and community concerns.

The Objectives of the Institute are:

  • To improve the professional status and advance interests of our calling
  • To seek and implement the establishment of training courses and standards of competence in the profession
  • To educate members in their legal and moral responsibilities in relation to their duties and the community
  • To co-operate with any appropriate body to further these objects
  • To promote a high standard of integrity and efficiency in our calling
  • To combine in one body all persons who are eligible for membership under these rules
  • To publish at regular intervals reports and / or newsletters setting forth the policies, plans and achievements of the Institute
  • To bring before the public, Government and other appropriate bodies, matters of concern to the Institute or its members.

Online Forum

As a financial member ($20 per year) of the New South Wales Rangers Institute you are entitled to become a member of our institutes email forum. 

This forum is a “chat room” where ideas, new legislation, information sharing and document sharing is passed on to all members as often as is needed to assist each member across the state for educational and training needs. 

Additionally this is a great way of networking and to speak to others in the same position as yourself and to assist in gaining knowledge to ensure you provide accurate information in your workplace to fellow colleagues, or to the general public.